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Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402

Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402, фото 1
Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402, фото 2Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402, фото 3Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402, фото 4

6 820 грн.

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Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402
Под заказ
6 820 грн.
Морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402
отдел продаж
  • +380443613715 отдел продаж
  • +380935404858 отдел морской акустики
отдел продаж
  • +380443613715 отдел продаж
  • +380935404858 отдел морской акустики
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2-х канальный морской усилитель FUSION MS-AM402

The FUSION AM Series marine amplifiers are purpose-built for the marine environment. Boasting some of the most impressive environmental protection available, they deliver performance on the water like never before.

With 2 channels and a 400 Watt peak power output, the MS-AM402 will drive up to two subwoofers, an extra pair of speakers, or even 4 speakers (2 speakers in parallel each channel at 2 Ohms) to spread the sound around your vessel.

Incorporating heat-tempered and conformal coated PCBs for maximum product life, and gold-plated connectors for improved signal flow, the MS-AM402 reproduces clean and powerful audio with enough power to rock the boat.


  • 400W peak power output to power up to four speakers
  • Class-AB amplifier – power efficient with less cross-over distortion
  • Conformal coated PCBs – water resistant protection from salt air and moisture
  • FUTRANZ heat sink technology – transfers heat more efficiently and provides more thermal stability with maximum component reliability
  • F.R.A.T (Fusion Regulated Amplifier Technology) – provides enormous power output at low voltage.
  • F.I.S.T (Fusion Intercooled Semi-Conductor Technology) – clams down internal power switching to rapidly remove heat from all associated semi-conductors
  • 1 year limited Consumer Warranty

The Fusion AM Series marine amplifiers are the perfect complement to any Fusion marine stereo system.

Производитель  Fusion
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  • Цена: 6 820 грн.